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Occupational Therapy for Toilet Training

Toilet training is a source of stress for parents and children. Many children have problems learning to use the toilet. They might have frequent accidents or even try to avoid using the toilet altogether. Some children may experience toilet training regression. By Prep, one in ten children still have frequent accidents and need extra help to build the skills and confidence to independently manage their bowel and bladder.

What Toilet Training Problems Can an OT Help With?

Areas we can assist with include:

  •  Resistant or fearful of sitting on the toilet
  • Will sit regularly but won’t do a wee or poo
  • Insists on doing poos in a nappy or pull up diaper
  • Bed wetting through the night
  • Frequent accidents in underwear
  • Wet marks or stain marks on underwear
  • Can’t hold on once they feel the urge to go

Kids Play – The Toilet Training Specialists

The Kids Play therapists specialise in children’s toilet training problems. We take a step by step approach to developing independence. We start with an assessment to understand your child’s key problem areas and learning styles.

Then, we work with you and your child to:

  •  Establish positive toileting routines
  • Develop the child’s ability to participate and then independently complete the steps to toileting
  • Establish a clear and appropriate reward system for success
  • Learn how to manage accidents and set backs
  • Treat constipation
  • Build on success

Working with parents and families

The final part of our approach is to ensure parents understand the specific factors involved in developing their child’s toilet skills. Our parents are more confident practicing these toilet training strategies at home knowing that we’ve matched the most effective way to teach with their child’s learning style.

We provide sessions individually and work with other professionals as required including dietitians, paediatricians, GPs, gastroenterologist’s and physiotherapists

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