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Occupational Therapy  for Attention and Concentration

Concentration is an essential skill for learning. As children, we learn to focus on a stimulus or task, and maintain that focus over time. Attention is necessary for children to hold a conversation, read a book, listen in class and follow directions.

Diagnosing Attention and Concentration Problems

Children’s ability to concentrate, or pay attention, generally improves as they get older. However, some children’s attention span doesn’t develop at the same rate as others. Poor attention or concentration issues can be part of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A significant number of young children with attention and concentration problems don’t have a diagnosed disorder.

Indicators that your child (5 years +) struggles with poor attention and concentration include:

  •  Fidgeting, can’t sit still
  • Always switching ideas in play or can’t play with one thing for very long
  • Easily distracted in busy places
  • Difficulty following instructions or multi-step tasks
  • Difficulty coping with competing demands
  • Talking over you, or often changes the subject while talking
  • Finding it hard to wait, is impatient
  • Poor persistence on tasks, especially when they hit a problem
  • Needing encouragement to stay on tasks for longer
  • Disregarding safety rules

How Can an Occupational Therapist Help with Poor Attention?

A Kids Play OT can support children at any age to develop their attention skills. Attention difficulties can also be the first indicator of other motor, sensory, engagement or self-regulation difficulties.

Our assessment aims to identify the drivers behind the attention difficulties. Therapy can focus on teaching the child and family to recognise what impacts on the child’s attention, strategies to support attention and how to implement this at school.

When working with younger children, our therapists engage your child in motivating activities so they can build sustained attention. We create strategies that help your child make the most of their attention span.

We work with your school/kindy and family to implement ideas to complete homework or better structure routines to meet their needs.

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