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Occupational Therapy  for Handwriting

When a child can’t write, it affects their participation in class and ability to complete homework. Handwriting issues can cause children frustration, anxiety, and even physical pain which can lead to handwriting avoidance and learning difficulties. As a parent, it can be stressful watching your child struggle with this skill.

Does my Child Need Support with Handwriting?

Many children have trouble mastering handwriting. We also have different expectations for children based on their age and experience with handwriting. So, how do you tell the difference between messy handwriting and a genuine handwriting issue?

Indicators that your child could benefit from help developing their handwriting skills:

  •  Avoids drawing or writing
  • Older than 4 years and no dominant hand for writing, cutting, eating or teeth cleaning
  • Teacher has raised concerns regarding their handwriting or drawing
  • Messy or illegible writing
  • Letters and words spaced too close or too far apart
  • Letters of inconsistent letter size and not on the line
  • Letters formed incorrectly eg backwards
  • Letters formed in the incorrect pencil stroke order eg a is a circle with a stick not a continuous pencil stroke
  • Slumped posture or asymmetrical posture for writing
  • Slow writing compared to peers
  • Complains of pain after writing
  • Writing pressure is too hard/light or variable through a sentence

The Kids Play Approach to Handwriting Issues

There are several different factors which contribute to the ability to write neatly and efficiently. A Kids Play Occupational Therapist can assess your child’s handwriting skills. We look at the sensory, motor, visual, perceptual, and cognitive skills needed for handwriting.

We identify where your child is having difficulty and develop an individualised approach to develop their skills. This will include activities at home to enable your child to get the regular practice needed catch up with their peers.

Some children are more motivated to develop with their peers and so we also run handwriting groups

Other times we may find that handwriting is not the most efficient way for a child to complete their school work. When this is the case we support the child, family and school to implement strategies and handwriting alternatives so the child can achieve academically without being held back by their handwriting difficulties.

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