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What is paediatric occupational therapy?

Paediatric occupational therapy is also called children’s occupational therapy. Therapists help children build the skills and confidence they need to take part in everyday activities. Therapists support children with activities like reading, writing, playing with friends, looking after belongings, getting dressed, using the toilet, and eating well.

The Kids Play approach

Our goal is to foster focused, independent children. To do that, our therapists work with you to identify areas of difficulty and build towards positive change.

Involving families

We believe the best results come from working with the whole family, not just the child. Our therapists are committed to understanding your concerns, and working on the goals that will make a difference to your family life.

Support and encouragement from family will help your child practice their new skills.

At Kids Play:

  •  Parents and siblings are welcome in sessions
  • You learn skills and strategies to support your child’s development
  • Sessions can be scheduled at the clinic, at home, or in school
  • We offer home or school visits to assess your child’s environment

Understanding their world

Every child has their own way of looking at the world. We work with your family to discover your child’s unique sensory preferences

When caregivers understand your child’s sensory preferences they become more sensitive to their needs. Our therapists can tailor sessions to match the way your child interprets and engages with the world around them. The result is grounded children who can begin to:

  • self-regulate
  • confidently take part in activities
  • challenge and expand their skills

Learning through Play

In paediatric occupational therapy we aim to use your child’s motivation and interests to develop skills. Children learn and master skills by playing. Sessions with our therapists are fun, but they are also beneficial.

Examples – sensory, games, toys/equipment in the clinic

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