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At Kids Play we are passionate about getting picky eaters to eat.

Our Team

We have brought together an experienced team to work together to support families and children develop their eating and participation in mealtimes. Our team includes Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PHD who is the director of Speechnet Speech Pathology. Our lead Occupational Therapist is Katy Berezovsky with advanced training in the Sequencial Oral Sensory approach to feeding.

We work with the full range of feeding difficulties including

Our goal is to foster focused, independent children.

To do that, our therapists work with you to identify areas of difficulty and build towards positive change.

  • Fussy breast/bottle feeders
  • Difficulty transitioning to solids
  • Feeding difficulties related to medical conditions including reflux, naso gastric tubes, peg feeding
  • Limiting food types, tastes and textures
  • Meltdowns when new foods are presented
  • All ages including babies, Toddlers, children, teenagers,
  •  Complex needs such as a diagnosis of Autism and Downs Syndrome
  • Won’t sit for mealtimes

Our Approach

We use a range of approaches including SOS, Oro-motor skill development, positive mealtime management and a strengths based approach.

Our team has advanced training in the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to feeding problems developed by Kay Toomey and Erin Ross. It utilises a step by step approach with systematic desensitization and behavioural modification.

This enables children to learn the routine of participating in mealtimes, how to explore food in fun and new ways, how to engage with a broader range of foods and start to expand what they eat.

We provide an individual service based on the needs of the family and child.

Sessions can occur as an intensive block over 1-3 weeks, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. For Regional Families we can provide an intensive block followed by telehealth follow up.

Feeding is a complex area and we work with other professionals as required including Dietitians, Paediatricians, GPs, Gastroenterologists and your child’s existing therapists.

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