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At Kids Play we offer Telehealth sessions to all clients.

Telehealth can be a convenient way to access therapy without the need to travel or be face to face. Telehealth will need the use of a phone, computer or tablet with internet or phone reception to connect with your therapist.

What are the benefits of Telehealth?

There are many benefits to accessing Telehealth including:

  •  No need to travel to a clinic
  • Convenient alternative to face to face meetings when sick or health is sensitive
  • Increases the range therapy services you can access. We offer services to families all over Australia.
  • Allows for continued care if you move
  • Therapy in your home with familiar toys and equipment
  • Flexibility or service, families can access a combination of face to face and telehealth sessions
  • Cost effective way to hold stakeholder meetings as there is no travel.

What does Telehealth Look like?

Telehealth session will be tailored to each individual family’s needs, capacity and goals. Sessions can be through a platform such as Zoom on a phone, tablet or computer or a telephone call.

Sessions may involve a combination of:

  •  Therapist and child engaging in digital therapy activities on the device
  • Therapist and child engaging in therapy activities through the telehealth platform
  • Therapist and parent engaging in parent coaching, progress reviews, problem solving and providing strategies

Kids Play Telehealth is flexible

Some families choose to have all sessions over telehealth while others may choose to use it for parent only sessions or when a family member is sick.

Telehealth may involve the child participating in activities through a computer or tablet with the therapist and parent. The therapist may ask for particular activities to be available for use within the home prior to the session. Telehealth can also involve time with just parents to enable parent coaching, progress reviews, problem solving issues and providing strategies.

What Do I Need to Use Telehealth?

The therapist will initiate each telehealth session and send out any digital links required for the session prior to each session. Family’s will need to ensure they have:

  •  A quiet space with good lighting
  • A device (smartphone/computer/tablet) with audio and camera
  • A reliable internet connection or phone connection with sufficient data
  • Any relevant equipment the therapist has requested to be available prior to the session.

Sometimes the therapist may ask you to prepare some toys and equipment to be available for the session and at other times the session may use resources that are easily available in all homes.

Telehealth Set-up Tips

  •  Check the lighting in the room so that your face is clearly visible, consider ry facing a window or lamp
  • Speak clearly, at your normal volume, one person at a time
  • Minimise background noise, turn of the TV, switch mobiles to silent mode, ensure siblings are engaged in quiet activities
    Talk with your child prior to the session so they have an idea of what to expect 
  • Consider the position of the device prior to the session, consider the angle and stability of the camera and how to access the keyboard/touch screen/mouse easily during the session

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