Rebecca Webster

Rebecca is an experienced Occupational Therapist committed to working with children, families, teachers and other therapists

Rebecca began her career working in adult neuro-rehabilitation working with clients with behavioural, continence and muscle tone issues. After one year in this field she decided to follow her true passion of working with children and their families within the private sector and has been doing so ever since.

Rebecca is committed to providing holistic client-centered services and working collaboratively with family members, caregivers, teachers and other therapists. She believes that everyone should be well educated on the needs of the child in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

Rebecca has a particular interest in working with children who have sensory processing difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, motor coordination difficulties and developmental delays. She also has a special interest in working with children who are experiencing difficulties with toileting and handwriting to improve their skills.

Rebecca is passionate about assisting children to become independent in all their occupational roles, whether it be in play, reading, writing, dressing, toileting or basically anything that children want or need to do.

The key approaches Rebecca uses include Sensory Processing, DIR Floortime, The Alert Program, Zones of Regulation, Behavioural Approach to Toileting and Positive Parenting.