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We help children and families create change to their every day life

At Kids Play, we provide:

Assessment is important to enable us to understand your concerns, your child’s current skills and the factors contributing to difficulties. Depending on what your concerns are this takes 1-2 sessions. Assessment sessions involve a parent interview to understand your key concerns, collaborative goal setting to direct our assessment and therapy and assessment activities with your child.

Assessment Feedback and Reports
At Kids Play we believe it is important for you to understand the results of our assessment sessions to enable you to better understand your child’s strengths, difficulties and factors affecting them within the context of development.

This involves a session with parents, key individuals in the your child’s life and the occupational therapist to discuss assessment results, provide a framework for therapy, review goals, provide key strategies to support your child and develop a treatment plan.

We recommend this include a written summary report or detailed reports to be able to share the information with your childcare, school and /or other professionals.

Therapy is aimed at developing your child’s skills and addressing the key factors affecting their development.  Therapy sessions can be at the clinic, in the home, in the childcare or school. The frequency varies depending on the goals to be addressed and can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly. The approach and techniques used will be targeted at your child’s needs and based upon current best evidence.

School or childcare visits can also be arranged to enhance your child’s participation and achievement. Visits involve observing your child’s participation with in the routine, linking with key staff to understand their key concerns and providing information, strategies and support to the teachers and childcare staff.

Recommendations for equipment, modifications of your home/childcare/school

We provide advice for equipment that would help your child at home, childcare, school or in the community. We can make recommendations on environmental changes or modifications to your home as appropriate, complete funding applications and enable eligible families to purchase equipment through FaHCSIA funding.

For eligible clients we are able to complete an assessment and application through the CAEATI scheme. Please see the CAEATI website for more information

Phone or Skype consultations with you to review progress and discuss strategies.

Collaboration with key professionals working with your family to ensure the team around your family have a better understanding and enable a more coordinated approach. This would occur with your request and consent via joint sessions, phone, email, letters and/or reports.  The Kids Play clinic is co-located and works closely with Speech Net Speech Pathologists and Sarah Littmann from Autism Psychology Brisbane.

Other Services
We can provide Workshops and In Services on Sensory Processing, Getting Picky Eaters to Eat, Developing Toileting Independence, Developing Handwriting, What is Occupational Therapy and other topics as requested.